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from Mutter und Koselieder dedicated to the Virgin Mary

Many flowers in Mutter und Koselieder are dedicated to the Virgin Mary. In the pictures in this paper you can first of all see lilies of various kinds for example at the Title Page. The lily is a symbol of childhood and innocence. The Iris at "The Bridge" (A 15) is a symbol of the rainbow (mediator between two opposites) and of the Virgin Mary. Field-Bind-Weed and roses frames the "Flower-Basket (A 22). The rose is attributed to the Virgin Mary, the Mystic Rose and also the field bind weed because it tries to reach heaven.

In "The Family" you find branches on the trees which forms flowers with five petals, alluding to the letters of the Virgin Marys name (Maria) but also to the five senses. There is also a small flower with five petals at bottom of the picture.

In "The Little Gardener" (A 16) you can find a Columbine with five flowers. The five dove-like flowers allude to the five letters in Maria. Flowers dedicated to the Virgin Mary often are medicine-plants. It alludes to her and Christ's ability to heal. In Cathedrals, The Virgin Mary's Gardens, are paintings with medicine-plants usual.


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