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Mother Songs

by Friedrich Froebel

Froebel wrote "Mutter und Koselieder" when he was in his fifties. It is meant to be a "Family book". It is a little universe, a Unity in itself. Froebel wanted to sum up his thoughts on education is this book. Fröbel describes family situations from the daily life in a family. "Mutter und Koselieder" has a motto for each picture and then a verse for mother and child. Froebel also wrote commentaries to the pictures. The pictures, verses, rhymes an music should give the child an idea (Ahnung) of an inner world, that is from the outer world to the inner.

One of the purposes of the book was to develop a childs "body, limbs and senses" in various fingerplays and games with its mother.


Explanations of Mother's Songs written by Friedrich Froebel

quotes from Friedrich Froebel

English translation 1895

Title page reads: International Education Series, The Mottoes and Commentaries of Friedrich Froebel's Mother Play, Mother Communings and Mottoes Rendered into English Verse by Henrietta R. Eliot, Prose Commentaries Translated and Accompanied With an Introduction Treating of the Philosophy of Froebel, By Susan E. Blow, published by D. Appleton and Company, New York, c. 1895 by D. Appleton and Company. There is an Editor's Preface, a Preface by the Translator, an Introduction and a large Appendix at the back. This is a very interesting book by the inventor of kindergarten (children's garden). The first section is a collection of seven poems on Mother Communings. This is followed by a chapter on Froebel's Introduction to the Commentaries. Following this are 46 games and songs with comments by Froebel on each one. As well, each game or song is preceded by a lovely full page black and white illustration surrounding the verse in original German script. There are also some lovely illustrations of hand shadow puppets. It is originally part of an International Education Series edited by William T. Harris. This is a fascinating collection of old games and songs, many that are still used today, by one of the great pioneers of children's education.

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