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Edith M Sammis

wrote this Froebel song

Sung to the tune, MATERNA (Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies for Amber waves of Grain)

O Beautiful our treasured past!
That Noble Motherhood
Whom FROEBEL'S gentle wisdom taught
Their children's highest good.
They caught the vision of the seer
That 'lumined childhood's span:--
Soul, Mind, and Hand together trained
To make the perfect man.

O beautiful our bright today!
Where friend joins hand with friend.
Where mutual helpfulness and love
With kindly service blend.
Where each her special gift may bring
Of culture, skill or grace,
That home and school and state advance,
And with the best keep pace.

O beautiful our future glows!
There gleams the high-born thought,
The common task, the holy life,
In heavenly colors wrought.
Then onward, upward is the word!
God grant us grace to see
All rainbow-bright the coming years.

This lovely Froebel song is very singable to all who know AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL (the tune is "MATERNA"). This song was was found in the yearbooks of the Froebel Society of Brooklyn, New York. The granddaughter of a past president of had some yearbooks of that society, which had been in her grandmother's possession.

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