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Building Blocks designed by Friedrich Froebel

Building Blocks designed by Friedrich Froebel

The original building blocks designed by Friedrich Froebel for the first Kindergarten.

"The child at this stage of development strives to separate things, to take them apart, to change their form, but also to reassemble them. The child is intent on discovering inner properties of things and having discovered them, on recreating the whole. Nothing is more suited to this activity than the cube, subdivided into eight equal sized smaller cubes."

"The relations of form and size of the square and rectangle especially are here presented to the perception."

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Zometool - Creator 1

Anchor stone building blocks

Start with set 6 and then add extension sets in sequential order to progressively build larger and more complex structures.

Each box includes a set of illustrated plans to develop the skills to design your own unique structures. The plans in extension set 10A require pieces from the four sets: 6, 6A, 8A and 10A.

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English translations of books by Friedrich Froebel, including the classic ten volume set, Froebel and Nursery Education from the International Education Series and the new six volume set edited by Kevin J. Brehony, Origins of Nursery Education: The Froebelian Experiment

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Zome is a brilliant adaptation of the peas and sticks developed by Friedrich Froebel for children to discover geometry. There is no limit to your creativity with Geomag, a powerful magnetic construction set.

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Mega Bloks
retain the modular geometric principles advocated by Froebel.

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