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Friedrich Froebel died in this bed

at Marienthal on June 21, 1852.

Middendorf wrote:

"As a child, Friedrich Froebel, the friend of children and the apostle of child-happiness, fell asleep. Without a struggle and without pain ended a life which never for a moment had had an egotistical thought but which had been entirely dedicated to mankind and childhood,"

Froebel's favorite painting over the door near his bed was one of the Virgin and Child.

When he first saw Marienthal, Froebel remarked, "This would be a beautiful place for our institution Marienthal, the vale of the Marys, whom we wish to bring up as the mothers of humanity, as the first Mary brought up the Saviour of the World." Marienthal was one of the first vocational training institutes for women as it was Froebel's idea that women be trained to become the educators of the human race.


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