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Brio ®

Natural beechwood building blocks are a classic toy that belongs in every home.

BRIO ® is a trusted name in the world of toys. This set of natural beechwood building blocks is based on some of the shapes of the original Froebel gifts; cube, rectangle, and triangle. They are suitable for toddlers because the basic cubes have 1.25 inch edges (slightly larger than the cubes of the Froebel Gifts) and all blocks have smoothly sanded surfaces and slightly rounded corners and edges for safety.

BRIO Natural Beechwood Building Blocks

The blocks are based on the unit block system designed by Friedrich Froebel and are well engineering to fit together perfectly in many different ways. The natural finish assists the child to visually distinguish the various shapes without the distraction of color or pattern and inspires imaginative play.

The arches, pillars, half-circles, and longer rectangles inspire a range of building projects.

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