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Friedrich Froebel wrote in the style of the German Romantic movement. He rejected the "stone language" of scholars for the international language of human commonality with its themes of nature, hearth and home. This both enthused his followers and alienated his critics. The Education of Man, which Froebel wrote in 1826, was not translated into English until 1885, although the word "Kindergarten" appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1852.

Kindergarten, which was accepted around the world, became the universal demonstration of Froebel's educational philosophy. A garden in which children experienced the beauties of Nature and by articulating their personal experience came to understand their place in the universe.

The Gifts and Occupations which Froebel developed for the kindergarten were a dynamic new language, which transcended the cultural and language divisions of the human family. In this way his ideas were experienced and discovered by people around the world rather read in books. Because Froebel rejected explanation as a teaching method, his writings are designed to lead readers to an experience of the concepts.

The educational theories of Froebel became known through the writings of his followers such as "A Practical Guide to the English Kindergarten" Ronge, J. and Ronge, B. (1855). Bertha Ronge spent two years opening Kindergartens in Germany before moving to London with her husband, where the Ronges opened the England Infant Garden in Tavistock Place in September 1851. Bertha Ronge also opened Infant Gardens in Manchester and Leads.

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