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collected original writings of Friedrich Froebel

" A lively interest in Friedrich Froebel and his endeavours, determined me long since to devote some of my very scanty leisure to the study of the literary writings left by Froebel, all of which were most willingly placed in my hands for compilation by members of the family, and especially by Madame Louise Froebel. I aim to do all in my power to give a complete representation of the man of whom at this time so much is said. For this purpose I have collected his original writings, which give authentic particulars of his development and and that of his endeavours.

the lack of writings on the subject of kindergarten from Froebel's own pen is as great as the desire for them

Moreover, literary freebooters continue to permit themselves all kinds of encroachments on Madame Froebel's rights of possession, which nuisance must be finally and completely stopped once for all. Therefore I send forth the following original articles, although reluctantly, because they should serve first of all as sources and sketches for independent works. May Froebel's own representations accomplish more and have a better result than those his expounders! "

Lecture notes and articles by Friedrich Froebel were edited by Wichard Lange and published in Berlin in 1861 in two volumes; The Pedagogics of the Kindergarten and Education by Development. They were translated into English by Josephine Jarvis, who also translated The Education of Man by Friedrich Froebel.

They were included in the classic ten volume set, Froebel and Nursery Education from the International Education Series and more recently in a new six volume set edited by Kevin J. Brehony, Origins of Nursery Education: The Froebelian Experiment

The Pedagogics of the Kindergarten
The Pedagogics of the Kindergarten
Education by Development
Education by Development

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