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Seeds or pebbles were popular for this gift because they reinforced the connection with nature. Buttons or small plastic counters would work as well. The child arranges these points to create lines and curves of infinite variety. Whether as counters to explore mathematics, petals of a flower or geometric designs, the points of the nineth gift expand the child's capacity to conceptualise the external world and represent the internal world.

Colored paper torn into small pieces remains a popular occupation in kindergatens. In Spring small patches of color pasted on paper make blosson trees, in Winter pieces of white paper make a snow man. In Autumn the colorful leaves falling from trees are collected.

In 1874, Monet, Degas, CÚzanne, Renoir, Pissarro and others organized a public exhibition that became an historic landmark in the development of modern art. These artists not only revolutionized painting but also the way we see the world.

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Each gift should aid the child to make the external internal, the internal external, and to find the unity between the two.

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