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Presented as a 3 by 3 cube like the fifth gift, it consists of 18 rectangular blocks as in the fourth gift, 12 square blocks (six rectangle blocks divided breadthwise), and 6 narrow columns (three rectangle blocks divided lengthwise).

Frank Lloyd Wright derived great pleasure from arranging these simple geometric shapes into formal patterns that matched his intuitive compositional sense. It was part of the Froebel method that a configuration should be linked to a cosmic theme. The architect's later formal strategies in design, and his belief in the universality of fundamental geometric forms may be traced in part to these early experiences.

Building blocks have become one of the universal toys of childhood and are widely acclaimed as developing children's critical judgment, manual dexterity, and ability to think for themselves.

Building, aggregation, is first with the child, as it is first in the development of mankind, and in crystallization. The importance of the vertical, the horizontal, and the rectangular is the first experience which the child gathers from building; then follow equilibrium and symmetry. Thus the child ascends from the construction of the simplest wall with or without cement to the more complex and even to the invention of every architectural structure lying within the possibilities of the given material. Friedrich Froebel The Education of Man

The Froebel Gifts are elegantly simple, but allow for a profoundly deep exploration of spatial reasoning, analytical thinking and creative design. While they were intended for children, they can also be enjoyed by adults. The Froebel Gifts are modular, logical, and multi-functional. Designed to be experienced and explored, they help a child become a creative, self-activated learner. The more a child brings to the Gifts, the more the child receives. Froebel saw that young children possessed a voracious appetite for knowledge and a fresh perspective free of preconceived ideas. With those qualities and the Froebel Gifts, the possibilities are truly limitless.

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sixth gift

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The houses constructed with this gift resemble the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright.

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